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Michelin Service your tyres within a professional network

Michelin Dealers

Michelin retailers sell Michelin Truck and Bus tyres and provide services including tyre recommendation, mounting and dismounting. These services are up to Michelin standards.

Michelin retailers use standard Michelin signage, for easy identification.

To make the best of your Michelin tyres and improve the safety and efficiency of your operations, you must rely on a professional network of service providers. Michelin has therefore launched the Michelin Truck Service Center (MTSC) program in your country. MTSC provide Michelin tyre users with:

Real guarantee on safety for drivers and public

Lower vehicle’s operating costs

Improved operational control and efficiency

Michelin Truck Service Centers are committed to offer:

- Professional tyre recommendations

- High quality Michelin products

- Comprehensive range of professional technical services

- Clear product pricing

- Strict application of tight and efficient safety standards

- Clean and tidy workshop environment

- Environment friendly techniques (retreading, recycling...)

The MTSC program also entitles its members to improve their level of professionalism thanks to a comprehensive training program and regular support from Michelin, both technical and commercial. Under this name, in a professional and clean environment, Michelin Truck Service Centers provide professional tyre services and high quality products thanks to well-trained management and technical teams, thus representing a true reference in truck and bus tyre market.

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